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Out For A Walk On A Beautiful Day

I thought I’d go for a walk today and do some shopping.  The sun was so bright and warm, and I felt super sexy in my pretty new dress.  I love all the looks I get when I’m walking around.  I can almost read the dirty thoughts that must be going through their heads.  If they only knew I had those same thoughts.  I love being a little tranny slut.

Sexy Shemale In Dress

Wonder if anybody tried to do an upskirt??

Tranny In Hot Dress And Heels

I have something for you.  Care to take a look?

Just A Quick Selfie

I finally got a new phone and was playing with it tonight.  Now, get your mind out of the gutter.  Ok, not really.  Keep it there along with mine.  Anyway, I snapped a quick selfie and uploaded it with my phone to see if it would work.  The lighting isn’t the best, but I did manage to get it uploaded to my blog here with no problem.  That’s nice so now I can update with my phone more often. Sweet!

Sexy Shemale Selfie

Silly Tranny In The Kitchen

I love to cook in the nude.  I love the feeling of being free and let my imagination flow.  Cooking is like meditation for me.  Of course, when I’m naked to long I get really horny, and suddenly I have an extra stir stick that just needs to be dealt with if you know what I mean….hehe

My Sext Tranny Ass

What do you think of my stir stick??

Hard Tranny Cock

Check Out What I Made With My Stick 😉

Being Naughty In The Bathroom

There are just those days when I like to think outside the box.  This morning I thought it would be a good idea to be filmed while I was in the bathroom.  Why? I’m really not quite sure, but I thought this little video came out pretty good.  I posted it on a tube site and the views went through the roof!  I really get excited knowing so many people get off to watching me.  What do you think of my movie??

See the whole thing here…

Just Needed To Jerk Off

Was one of those days when I was doing a shoot and my cock just had a mind of it’s own.  After all…..it’s got a head as well….hehe.

I couldn’t wait for the shoot to get over so I could make myself cum, and boy did I ever.

Shemale Masturbation

Taking matters into my own hands…

Big Cock Shemale

I’d Love To Show You How Much Fun I Had – Check Me Out

Do You Want My Tranny Ass?

I suppose that is a loaded question isn’t it.  Of course you want my ass.  Well, I at least hope you do.  It’s here for you to have.  Come grab my hips and force your cock deep inside me as I gasp!  I want it baby……give it to me good and deep.

Ok, that made me horny.  Please excuse me while I take care of that 😉

Alessandra Blonde Nude

Do You Want My Tight Shemale Ass Baby?

Tight Shemale Ass

Click Here To Take A Closer Look 😉

My Sexy White Lingerie

You guys all know by now that I’m a HUGE fan of lingerie and bikini’s.  I love showing my body off in a very suductive way.  I took the opportunity a while back to model this sexy white number I had picked up earlier in the day.  What do you think?  Should I keep it??

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Woke Up Feeling Horny

Yes, even us girls wake up really horny.  This morning I couldn’t keep my hand off my cock.  I woke up so hard it hurt, so I had to make myself cum to make it go away…hehehe.  I love the sun on my bed in the morning.  Makes me feel so warm and sensual.  Care to cuddle up with me baby??

Feeling Frisky

What’s hiding you ask?

Cum Take A Look Around And See If You Like Me…

Posing In The Bathroom

I’ve always loved the idea of posing in the bathroom.  The sterile whiteness and the synergy involved.  This may not make any sense to many of you, but I’m quirky if you haven’t already noticed. This shoot was really fun and turned me on a great deal.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Starting To Get Hard

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Shemale Flashing Outdoors

This may shock you, but once again I’m in one of my sexy bikini’s I just can’t ever seem to have enough of.  Today I’m out and about looking for a place to show off my boobies.  I love flashing outdoors.  It’s so dangerous and kinky.  I had this little video made of my adventures

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