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Latin Shemale In Lingerie

I have such a sexy collection of lingerie.  I can’t go shopping without picking at least one hot little outfit up.  I found this sexy red outfit and seeing as the cameraman was staying the night…..wink wink……I had him film me modeling it.  What do you think?

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Sexy panties in the Kitchen!

Hey guys, I just happened to have on this sexy set of panties and bra when the photographer came over so we decided it would be nice and sexy to do a shoot in the kitchen in my sexy panties. This sample photo that is actually quite low res is the product and I think those sexy panties hide my cock very well.

Sexy Panties

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Feeling Horny In My Hotel Room

I was doing some traveling in Argentina a while back and had some down time between shopping trips.  I was REALLY horny, so I thought I’d model my new lingerie and have some fun on top of it.

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My sexy short black dress!

I know that most men like to see a sexy black dress on a nice tight body, so I went out and got myself a not dress to show you in my members area.

This dress is short, and tight across my boobs and tight across my cock and ass as well. If you want to test it our yourself then please come on over and feel how tight it is.

sexy short black dress

If you don’t like this dress much, then feel free to send me one of your liking and I will wear it for you or in a shoot.

Alessandra Blonde for Dinner!

Alessandra Blonde wants to come over for dinner. She loves playing house and being ready when you get home after an exhausting day and wants to please you so she has served a piping hot meal of her.


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High Heels and ass!

Hey guys. A girlfriend snapped this of me in the bathroom just as I was getting finished. Lots of sexy ass in this photo and I still have my high heels on. Would love for you to come and dry me off and play with me!


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Naked and Hard in the kitchen

Ok so when I got up this morning I had a hardon that just would not go away. I wanted to stroke off but thought I would wait until I could capture it on video for you. Check out the sample photo below of me completely naked and fully hard.


Now the thing is, who does what to whom? Do you suck me, do I fuck you or are you planning to bend me over and ram that hard cock into my ass while reaching around and stroking me?

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Walking The Street In My Sexy Dress

I went shopping the other day and found a sexy little dress that I couldn’t wait to try on.  I found some heels I liked and put on my dress and went for a nice long walk.  I loved the stars and whistles I received from many of the guys walking by.  I just love the attention and it gets me really horny.  The day was perfect and the sun was warm and bright which made all the pictures come out really nice.  My sexy photographer was so nice to stay with me that long.  I think we were out for two hours and got tons of photos for my site.  I hope you like them.

Kisses Alessandra 😉

Sexy Brunette Shemale Outside

Strutting my stuff at the bus stop

Alessandra Blonde At The Bus Stop

I was hoping to stop traffic.

Shemale Alessandra Blonde In Sexy Dress

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Brunette Shemale Stripping And Stroking – Again

Do you like that title?  Yes, this is another shemale stroking video, but I somehow don’t think you mind……….do you?  I had a hot new white bra and panties that I really like with my new tan.  Oh, I have some sexy high heels to go with it as well.  I thought doing a hot striptease at the door would be a good place to start.  Well, looking back at it, I might have found a better place, but once I got into it, where I was masturbating didn’t matter so much….lol.  I enjoy squating down and spreading while I’m stroking and with my heels on I thought it looked pretty good.  I’m sounding kind of technical today aren’t I.  My hormones are raging, so my head is all over the place.  I’ll end it here and let you enjoy my video.

Kisses Alessandra 😉

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Some Sexy Shower Time With Alessandra Blonde

Hi again sexy people!  I posted a sexy video a while back of me doing a shower video that I had been asked to do by many of my members. Well, we did another one, but with pictures.  I really like the way these came out as well. I went from stripping off my towel and teasing.  I love to tease and I hope you got really hard watching me.  I know I was getting really excited.

Kisses Alessandra 😉

Beautiful Brunette Tranny

You’re waiting for me to strip aren’t you?  Keep watching…hehe

Shemale Stripping Nude

Took a while, but finally you get to see me nude……Yummy!

Alessandra Blonde Nude

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