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Shemale In Lingerie As I Strip Out Of My Black Panties

How do you like my sexy black lingerie that I picked up a while ago?  I loved the way it looks on me. What do you think?  The rest of the video is of me stripping and doing all kinds of sexy things to get you going.  I told you before I love having my ass exposed and I do it again here when I’m on my hands and knees spreading my asscheeks.  Do you want to fuck my tight tranny ass baby?  I know you do and I want you to as well.  I end up stroking my cock at the end because I was so horny.  This was a fun video.  I hope you like it

Kisses Alessandra ;-)

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Cute Shemale With My New Tits

I wanted to share with you a few pics from right after I got my new tits.  I wanted them bigger, but not too big.  I thought they came out really sexy and I’m glad I took my time to find a good surgeon and somebody who cared more for me than the money.  They actually feel great and are sensitive which I wasn’t expecting. Do you like them?  Let me know. I love hearing from my fans.

Kisses Alessandra ;-)

Sexy Shemale Alessandra Blonde

Heels seem to accent my butt…lol  I love them!

Cute Tranny With Big Cock


Do you like my new tits?  I love them so much!

Brunette Shemale Alessandra Blonde

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Fingering My Tiny Shemale Asshole

Do you like closeups like I do?  A good closeup of a tight ass or hard cock gets me so excited!  I also like closeups being taken of me as well. Ok, I just like being photographed nude in general. Being exposed without any clothes is thrilling to me.  I feel submissive and want to be dominated and sometimes just plain used.  Fingering my asshole is a very intimate thing and I love to share it with all of you.  Masturbating and cumming for all my fans still just blows me away!  To basically be paid to show my body nude and have orgasms is quite the occupation….lol  I’m one lucky girl I will admit.

Kisses Alessandra ;-)

Tranny Fingering Her Asshole

I wish this was your finger penetrating me

Alessandra Blonde Fingering Her Asshole

Look at how full my balls are as they sneak around my hand

Shemale Having An Orgasm

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Shemale Sucking Cock Of The TSfucker

How is everyone today? I’m doing great after posting these hot pics of me sucking the huge cock of my good friend TSfucker. He’s absolutely delicious and he flew down to meet me one weekend. We flirt back and forth when we chat, so by the time we meet, the sexual tension is off the charts. These are some screen grabs from the hot video we did together and after sucking his yummy dick for a while he rewarded me by shooting a thick load all over my face and tits. WOW!….I just LOVE the feeling of warm cum running all over my tranny tits, and getting a gooey facial is all the better. This scene was hot and I’m not bragging just to brag.

Kisses Alessandra ;-)

Shemale Blowjobs


I just love sucking cock!

Tranny Blowjobs

I love the feeling of a thick cock sliding down my throat…

Shemale Deep Throating A Cock

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Feeling Frisky In Leather

Rounding out my multi-post for today is the ultra hot blonde TS Milla.  She looks delicious in her leather outfit.  I’d much prefer if I was the one taking it off her, but for now I can dream.  She’s a sweety also.  She’s from Argentina like me, and I’ve had the chance to chat with her on the phone. One day we plan to meet and I can assure you the sparks will fly!


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Vitress Tamayo And Her Shelesbian Lover

I love hot shelesbian pics.  I’m a shelesbian as well, and getting hot and heavy with another shemale really gets me heated up.  Vitress Tamayo is one such shemale that I just have to be with someday.  Her boobs are dynamite and her love of sex is unrivaled.  I saw this video and the way she pounded her girlfriends ass had mine aching for her cock.


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Next up is this sizzling blonde from Argentina Tia Lacoca.  I love her firm titties and flat, tight tummy!  I so want to lick a trail all the down from her neck to her lovely cock while she moans.  I’m getting so excited just writing this.


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Vivian And Her Sexy Big Cock

I thought I’d take a little time and showcase some of my sexy shemale girlfriends.  Starting off is the lovely Vivian Black showing off her delicious cock and big tits.  I love to wrap my lips around all of them.  Care to join me?


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My New Girlfriend Nina Stronghold

I’m really excited to introduce you to my new girlfriend – Nina Stronghold.  She’s a doll don’t you think.  I have a thing for Asian babes like her. We met at a party of a mutual friend when I was in Cancun.  I knew from the moment I saw her that there would be fireworks between us ;-)

Most of the night I stayed my distance, but I did catch her looking at me a few times.  After more than a few drinks, I worked up the courage to talk to her.  She was sooooooo sweet from the start. I found out she had been hoping I’d come over. Nina is very shy until she gets to know somebody.

What she is NOT shy about is her sexuality.  She is even hornier than me if you can believe that.  We left the party after about an hour to have a party on our own.  I took her back to my hotel room and we spent the rest of the night exploring each others bodies.  Heck, we spent the entire next day as well.

With help from our friends at amateurdough, we were able to set up a hot new site featuring Nina.  It’s filled with great pics and video of Nina being her natural horny self.  I had a blast going through it the other day, and played with myself a few times in the process.

She’s also looking for guys to come down and help her out. She needs lots of cock I found out.  Can you help a gal out? If so, give her a shout and see about setting something up.

Nina Stronghold

Nina Stronghold

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Toying My Shemale Ass With My New Toy And Fingers

I simply love anything to do with stuffing something in my ass.  I have a new toy I bought a few days ago and wanted to try out.  I called up my favorite and sexy video guy to film the special event.  He came over as quickly as he could and soon I was naked on my bed and the fun began.  Took a little bit to get that dildo inside, but once it was……WOW! I find a little pain with my sex really adds to my excitement. Sliding it in and out did hurt some, but the pleasure I got in response made it all the better.  I actually wanted it to hurt more.  I fingered my little hole as well to change up the feelings.  I love experimenting like this, and having you share in my intimate moments is sexually exciting and rewarding.

Kisses Alessandra ;-)

My Ass And Shecock Are Always Ready To Go – I’m Ready Whenever You Are Baby