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My New Girlfriend Nina Stronghold

I’m really excited to introduce you to my new girlfriend – Nina Stronghold.  She’s a doll don’t you think.  I have a thing for Asian babes like her. We met at a party of a mutual friend when I was in Cancun.  I knew from the moment I saw her that there would be fireworks between us ;-)

Most of the night I stayed my distance, but I did catch her looking at me a few times.  After more than a few drinks, I worked up the courage to talk to her.  She was sooooooo sweet from the start. I found out she had been hoping I’d come over. Nina is very shy until she gets to know somebody.

What she is NOT shy about is her sexuality.  She is even hornier than me if you can believe that.  We left the party after about an hour to have a party on our own.  I took her back to my hotel room and we spent the rest of the night exploring each others bodies.  Heck, we spent the entire next day as well.

With help from our friends at amateurdough, we were able to set up a hot new site featuring Nina.  It’s filled with great pics and video of Nina being her natural horny self.  I had a blast going through it the other day, and played with myself a few times in the process.

She’s also looking for guys to come down and help her out. She needs lots of cock I found out.  Can you help a gal out? If so, give her a shout and see about setting something up.

Nina Stronghold

Nina Stronghold

Give her new site a look today

Toying My Shemale Ass With My New Toy And Fingers

I simply love anything to do with stuffing something in my ass.  I have a new toy I bought a few days ago and wanted to try out.  I called up my favorite and sexy video guy to film the special event.  He came over as quickly as he could and soon I was naked on my bed and the fun began.  Took a little bit to get that dildo inside, but once it was……WOW! I find a little pain with my sex really adds to my excitement. Sliding it in and out did hurt some, but the pleasure I got in response made it all the better.  I actually wanted it to hurt more.  I fingered my little hole as well to change up the feelings.  I love experimenting like this, and having you share in my intimate moments is sexually exciting and rewarding.

Kisses Alessandra ;-)

My Ass And Shecock Are Always Ready To Go – I’m Ready Whenever You Are Baby

Spy On Me As I Take A Shower

So today I’m a dirty girl who is in need of  a good cleaning….lol  I  have had some requests to do a bathroom and shower shoot, so here it goes.  I must say I had a blast doing it. I’ve had sex in the shower before, but nothing being filmed, so this was a first.  Just posing and trying to make sure the camera got good angles to catch my body with.  Making sure my tranny tits and cock showed off well.  You know, everything I would normally do in the shower…..Ha Ha! I didn’t masturbate in this video, but when it was over and my sexy  cameraman left, I took things into my own hands and brought myself to the most amazing orgasm as I fantasized you watching me in that shower scene.  Just writing about it makes me horny all over again.  If you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to take care of this matter again.

Kisses Alessandra ;-)

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Shemale Striptease From My Black Bikini

Hi again everyone!  I hope you like this video I had made a while ago.  It’s one of my first videos for my website and I really enjoyed doing it.  I feel very sensual when I’m stripping and knowing you are all watching me and feeling a bit naughty.  My shecock gets that fluttery feeling when I strip which means I’m going to end up very hard, and VERY horny very soon.  I also love to tease which is what I did here.  Did it make you hard?  I hope so…..while I love to tease, I love to please even more.  Kisses baby ;-)

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Confession – I Love My Tight Tranny Ass

We all love hearing other peoples confession don’t we?  Well, I have a naughty one.  Ready? I LOVE showing off my tight tranny ass.

Tight Tranny Ass

My favorite poses are of my ass.  On all fours, bent over, scissored cock, cock stuffed into my asshole. Doesn’t matter as long as my ass in on film.

Shemale With Great Ass

I think it’s the thought of showing…..or offering my most vulnerable part of my body for inspection and to be used.  I find it such a turn on.  I hope you do as well ;-)

Great Tranny Ass

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Free Shemale Tube Cum Watch Me!

Hi Guys! I have a treat for you today.  I found a sexy new free shemale tube with tons of hot videos. A friend told me about it last night, so this morning I had some free time to check it out.  WOW!……..is all I can say.  So many hot videos to watch and none of the crappy popups and redirects to stupid stuff.  I LOVE IT!!  I was so horny after about half an hour that the rest of the time I rubbed my cock raw watching one hot video after another.

I know many of you are wonder if I uploaded any of my hot videos.  Well as a matter of fact I did :-)  Check out the one below where my sexy Friend Sabastian sneaks up behind me then jerks himself off on my tits.  That was the first I uploaded, but I’ll have plenty more in the following days going up as well, so make sure you go there and look for them ok?

Kisses Alessandra ;-)

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Webcam show Announcment for Angeles Cid

Just wanted to let you all know that my super sexy friend Angeles Cid will be doing a webcam show on Monday the 13th at 2pm eastern time.
She will be showing off those amazing tits and her huge thick cock. So dont miss out.

Sample Photos of Angeles Cid.

Panties outdoors
In panties in the snow.

Round ass in a thong.

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Nikki Montero my good friend will be on webcam

Thats right guys she plans to do a show tomorrow September 13th 2014 at 6Pm Central time. If you love watching a hot tranny live on cam then this is the chance.

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My GirlFriend Afrika Kampos for free

Well not all of her for free but you can see a lot of her photos and video samples on TranniesHD.com and they are free. She is a super sexy blonde with nice tits and a hard cock. And can you imagine that she loves to take it in the ass.

Afrika Kampos

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Cum On My Tits

Tranny Big Tits

He again everyone!  I’ve been a busy little tranny and have been neglecting my blog a little to much.  I’m in a real hurry, but I felt bad I haven’t posted anything in a while.  I found a really hot picture of my super stud Sebastion and his monster 10 inch cock ready to shoot his oh, so gooey and yummy cum on my firm T-girl tits.  I honestly do love cum, and on my tits is my second most favorite place to have it shot on.  The first you ask?  Well silly, down my throat of course!!!

Kisses Alassandra :-)