Shemale In Pigtails

Alassandra Blonde Shemale Masturbating

Ok….so did any of you notice I had pigtails in or where you looking at something else?……LOL I love putting my hair in “piggies” for something new. Makes me feel so “schoolgirlish”, and so very naughty.  You don’t see many shemales with pigtails which I think is sad.  After my shower this morning I put them in and went out to do some shopping and hit a cafe down at Puerto Madero. I had a few hot guys comment on how cute my pigtails made me look.  All that attention of course went to my head….and also to my seemingly oversexed shecock…HeHe

I couldn’t wait to get home for some alone time.  My tranny cock was rubbing my tight pants with each step all the way home.  Anyone who looked could see my bulge and I didn’t care one bit.  Actually, knowing people could see my erection and know I was shemale made me even hotter.  I could tell by some of the looks of lust they wanted me.  YUM!

I raced to my bedroom as soon as I got home and ripped off every stitch of clothing I had on. Laying back I not so nicely grabbed my swollen shecock and stroked it like mad.  I need to cum and I needed it NOW!  My nipples were aching as I twisted each one firmly.  I like a little pain with my pleasure. GOD….I was in heaven.  I wanted to cum, but at the same time wanted the pleasure to last.  I lost out on the pleasure and without warning my orgasm consumed my entire body.  I’m somewhat loud when I cum, but this time I let out a rare cry while my warm sperm flew out of my engorged tranny cock in huge spurts.  Where it all came from I have no idea, but thick creaming strands covered my stomach and boobs…running everywhere.  Such a nice finish for sure 🙂

Kisses Alassandra 😉



Shemale Covered In Cum

Shemale Covered In Cum


Oh….did I we have fun the this morning.  Remember a month or so ago I wrote about a quickie face fucking I took from Sebastian that was so hot, but we weren’t smart enough to get on Camera?  Well, this time we didn’t let the opportunity slip away from us.  As you know Sebastian is my friend who was also born in Buenos Airies and has his own site  He’s been helping me get my site ready….in more way than one…hehe.  He LOVES fucking shemale’s and with a cock as big as his, this tranny isn’t saying no 🙂

We did a sensual shower scene which really was relaxing while also getting me horny.  My pretty shecock was hard when I started to dry off.  Seeing my arousal Sebastian took my hand and guided me into the living room.  Looking me straight in the eyes he told me to get on my knees and  suck him like a good slutty tranny.  Ohhhhh…dirty talk turns me on so much!  I took his fully erect cock down my throat with one gulp.  I’ve become good at deep throating and love the feeling of a pulsating cock in my mouth.  Little do they know, but I’m the one controlling their pleasure.  I let them think they are in control tho.  Makes it hotter.  Once again he aggressively face fucked me for what seemed like 20 minutes. No, it wasn’t that long, but my poor tranny mouth was getting a workout.

What you see above is what happened next. I wanted to swallow every drop of his warm load, but we needed a good shot for the camera, so he pulled out and with a loud grown his huge cock shot his creamy sperm all over my tits.  I love cum on my tits.  Hell, I love cum anywhere.  I was so horny I ended up stroking my cock to a massive orgasm.  Yep, we made sure to get that on film too!

Kisses Alassandra 🙂