Bored Shemale Posting

It’s late and I’m kind of antsy and bored, so I thought I’d write something in my cool new blog……Soooooo….How is everybody doing today?  I hope good.  I’m doing great and horny as always.  Considering what I do for a living I really should be right?  LOL.  I’ve never had a problem being horny ever in my life thank god.  Even when I’m sick or….gasp….hungover…lol…..I’m still horny.  I’ve always wondered how that can happen to me while many other shemales I know seem to have issues.  Maybe it’s the hormones and how they react with each tranny and her moods and desires.  I’m not a doctor, so I really have no idea.  I don’t take a lot of hormones.  I’m fortunate in that my body responds well to low doses which still give me a true feminine that I want while keep my tranny cock ready for action along with the desire to use it.

I never want to be one that “goes through the motions”, especially on my website.  I want everyone to see how much I enjoy myself while I’m having sex.  I also want those with me to enjoy it as well. Whether it’s men, women, or other shemale’s.  The goal is exciting erotic fun that my awesome fans will like and…..well….get off too.  That’s why they get a membership…to watch me cum, so they can cum.  Pretty simple don’t you think. I’m just really lucky to be able to do this and my body allows me too.

Kisses Alassandra 😉