Cuddling And Kissing

I spent some more time digging around various shemale forums looking for more ideas for my site and what those who love tranny porn like to see.  I was surprised at a lot of the people who responded mentioned kissing and cuddling during the sex scenes.  I thought that was more what women wanted and men just want the action hard and heavy.  Being a woman myself, I love to see the people involved in a sex scene really look like they are into it.  Similar to a couple that is in love and know each other and have chemistry.  I know this can be real hard if you are working with somebody you have never met before, or don’t like etc.  This is where acting comes in and I agree with many of the people leaving posts that many porn sites fall way short on this.  Much of it seems robotic and forced.  I’m trying very hard to make sure my sex scenes look like we all enjoy each other.  Sebastian from is the one guy I have worked with and we have a blast together and I think our chemistry is really good.  Plus he’s so darn hot and his cock is absolutely delicious. That’s certainly a good way to start 🙂

Kisses Alassandra 😉