My First Rant

So far I have kept all my post sexy and positive.  I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted this blog to go. Did I want it solely to support my website and have pics and sexy stories, or did I want it to be a personal blog where I shared every day stuff with members and those passing by?  I honestly thought nobody would want to know anything about my life other than when I was having sex and talking about it.  Heck…..that’s probably what I would want.  I have been surprised though at people mentioning to me they would like me to write more about my life so they could get to know me better.  Interaction with members seems to be really important.  Remember, I’m new to this whole website thingy, so I have a learning curve 🙂 Yes, I have some wonderful people helping me behind the scenes, but at the end of they day I’m the one who has her face on the index page and it’s up to me to keep my members happy.

I went on a tangent there a little, but what I guess I’m saying is from now on I’m going to sprinkle more of my day to day life into my blog to give people an isight to who this shemale is other than what is on the website.

Kisses Alassandra 😉