Shemale Gloryhole Anyone?

Hi guys.  Most of the time I’m really just an innocent girl…..who just happens to be a shemale and loves porn….lol. Seriously though, I’ve always been really innocent and somewhat introverted all my life.  Being in front of the camera though, has really brought out a side of me I didn’t know I had.  A really fun and naughty side.

I was toying around……no pun intended……with something simple, yet really naughty for my next shoot.  I also watch porn from time to time for pleasure, and I have found watching gloryhole videos really turns me on!  So….I was thinking about doing one with myself on my knees sucking off strangers cocks.  Maybe find three or four that I have never seen and watch their huge erections slide through the hole for me to gulp down. I’m not into wasting and all the delicious sperm would be saftly tucked away in my mouth.  Doesn’t that sound so delightfully naughty?  I get so excited whenever I think about it.  Now, lets see if I can set something like that up 🙂

Kisses Alassandra 😉