Spy On Me As I Take A Shower

So today I’m a dirty girl who is in need of  a good cleaning….lol  I  have had some requests to do a bathroom and shower shoot, so here it goes.  I must say I had a blast doing it. I’ve had sex in the shower before, but nothing being filmed, so this was a first.  Just posing and trying to make sure the camera got good angles to catch my body with.  Making sure my tranny tits and cock showed off well.  You know, everything I would normally do in the shower…..Ha Ha! I didn’t masturbate in this video, but when it was over and my sexy  cameraman left, I took things into my own hands and brought myself to the most amazing orgasm as I fantasized you watching me in that shower scene.  Just writing about it makes me horny all over again.  If you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to take care of this matter again.

Kisses Alessandra 😉

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