Brunette Shemale Stripping And Stroking – Again

Do you like that title?  Yes, this is another shemale stroking video, but I somehow don’t think you mind……….do you?  I had a hot new white bra and panties that I really like with my new tan.  Oh, I have some sexy high heels to go with it as well.  I thought doing a hot striptease at the door would be a good place to start.  Well, looking back at it, I might have found a better place, but once I got into it, where I was masturbating didn’t matter so much….lol.  I enjoy squating down and spreading while I’m stroking and with my heels on I thought it looked pretty good.  I’m sounding kind of technical today aren’t I.  My hormones are raging, so my head is all over the place.  I’ll end it here and let you enjoy my video.

Kisses Alessandra 😉

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