Monthly Archives: September 2016

Posing In The Bathroom

I’ve always loved the idea of posing in the bathroom.  The sterile whiteness and the synergy involved.  This may not make any sense to many of you, but I’m quirky if you haven’t already noticed. This shoot was really fun and turned me on a great deal.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Starting To Get Hard

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Shemale Flashing Outdoors

This may shock you, but once again I’m in one of my sexy bikini’s I just can’t ever seem to have enough of.  Today I’m out and about looking for a place to show off my boobies.  I love flashing outdoors.  It’s so dangerous and kinky.  I had this little video made of my adventures

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Fingering My Tight Shemale Ass

You would think after all the cock I’ve had in my ass I’d be a little on the loose side. Well, nothing could be further from the truth actually.  Here, I’m trying to slide two fingers into my tight tushy, and I’m having a hard time doing it.  Just imagine what my ass would do to your cock………I think you’d like it.

Fingering Her Tranny Ass

Just a little bit further….

Horny Shemale Alessandra Blonde

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My New Heels – Nothing Else

So they say the shoes make the woman.  Well, what does that make me that all I have on are the shoes?  Just thought I’d dig these out for this shoot.  They make me look taller I guess.  What do you think of them, or are your eyes elsewhere 😉

Alessandrea Blonde

Let me know what you think baby…

Nice Cock And New Heels

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