Out For A Walk On A Beautiful Day

I thought I’d go for a walk today and do some shopping.  The sun was so bright and warm, and I felt super sexy in my pretty new dress.  I love all the looks I get when I’m walking around.  I can almost read the dirty thoughts that must be going through their heads.  If they only knew I had those same thoughts.  I love being a little tranny slut.

Sexy Shemale In Dress

Wonder if anybody tried to do an upskirt??

Tranny In Hot Dress And Heels

I have something for you.  Care to take a look?

Being Naughty In The Bathroom

There are just those days when I like to think outside the box.  This morning I thought it would be a good idea to be filmed while I was in the bathroom.  Why? I’m really not quite sure, but I thought this little video came out pretty good.  I posted it on a tube site and the views went through the roof!  I really get excited knowing so many people get off to watching me.  What do you think of my movie??

See the whole thing here…