Monthly Archives: December 2016

Happy New Year My Loves!

I can’t believe I didn’t dress up for Christmas and takes some pictures.  What was I thinking?  Now it’s New Years Eve and it’s to late.  Darn it!  Here is something I hope you like to take you into a prosperous 2017.  Kisses and I’ll talk to you next year 🙂

Happy New Year

The full set can be found here by the way…

Happy Holidays And Merry Christmas

I wanted to wish everyone of my friends and fans a happy holidays and Merry Christmas.  I’ll be having a blast and I hope you all do as well!

My New Red Bra

As I’ve stated soooooo many times before, I love to wear sexy lingerie, bra’s, bikini’s etc.  This red set really turned my eye when I first saw it.  I had to get it and model it right away…hehe.  Of course, none of what I buy tends to stay on to long.  This pretty little one hit the floor before long as well.  Does that bother you??

Sexy Red Bra

Yes…… did fall off darn it.

Big Shemale Tits

What Do You Think Of This??

Can you guys give me some feedback please?   I did a black and white set a little while ago.  I thought it came out really good, but now I don’t know.  I’d really like some feedback from you to see if I should do more of these types of shoots.  I posted this set in my members area, and included a couple in this post as an example.  You can leave comments below.  Thanks a ton………kisses 😉

Shemale In Heels

Looks like something popped out…

Large Shemale Cock