Blonde Heels and a hard cock!

Blonde Heels and a hard cock! Honestly when you look for photos or videos of a TransGender woman what are you looking for. Below is a sample photo of Alessandra Blonde! Titled Blonde Heels just a single glance can explain it. Alessandra is obviously a blonde and wearing heels. Take a close look at the photo and you can see not only does she have an erection but the photo is also a screen grab from a video.
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Blonde Heels

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Sexy Red Lingerie, A Dildo and a TransGender Beauty!

Sexy Red Lingerie, A Dildo and a TransGender Beauty! Do you know who this is? Alessandra Blonde does not need an introduction to most men. This transgender beauty is well known and seeing her in sexy red lingerie sure makes knowing her even more fun! Take a look at the lingerie and how it molds to Alessandra’s body. The way it curves down over her cock, so smooth and tight! Don’t you just want to run your hand down over that? Caressing her cock and balls?

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Sexy Red Lingerie

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Naked TransGender woman! Alessandra Blonde is ready for you!

Naked TransGender woman! Alessandra Blonde is ready for you! So now that everyone is looking for a hot Naked TransGender woman, your going to find more and more. However few if any will be as natural looking at Alessandra Blonde. For those of you who know here its time to come back to being her member. Right now Alessandra has her site filled with movies and photos and they are all convenient for you.

Naked TransGender Woman

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Panties Balls and Alessandra Blonde topless!

Panties Balls and Alessandra Blonde topless! So when surfing the web for that perfect photo of the hottest trans girls around. What do you look for? Lots of men like the panties balls and pack shot like provided below. They also like to see a hot thong shot of a sweet tight ass. For those of you that always love to see a little more than the photos here offer! Well you know you just need to click a link and see more. Alessandra Blonde is one of the sexist babes around and her members area should not be missed.

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Panties Balls

Just think about your self finding Alessandra in the kitchen like this. The average trans lover would walk up to her and reach down and play with her balls. The above average lover will get on his knees and lick and suck on her balls while caressing her panties and cock. So which are you?

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Trans Gender ass shot with Alessandra Blonde!

Trans Gender ass shot with Alessandra Blonde! Hey guys, yes its me Alessandra Blonde sending out today’s post on my blog. I titled this Trans Gender ass because I don’t really know what word you guys want to use. I also don’t want to offend anyone with my choice! Wink wink!! It seems like yesterday calling me a tranny or a shemale was ok. Now if you don’t use the word Trans Gender people get upset. Well I for one don’t really mind any of them but over all would prefer you call me by my name.

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Trans Gender ass

Also for those that don’t know, this pose in a photo is now called a look back shot.

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