New Bra And Panties

Bra And Panties

Hot Shemale In Black Bra

Bra And Panties!!!  Hi Guys.  I went to town today and pampered myself with a manicure and pedicure to keep my cute tranny toes and fingers nice and pretty.  I was feeling so good that afterwards I treated myself to this sexy bra and panty set.

I couldn’t wait to get home and try it on.  I think I look really hot.  What do you think. Does it make you want this horny shemale even more?  I hope so 😉 I’ll be sure to wear it soon in one of my new videos, although I don’t think it will stay on very long.  At least I hope it doesn’t.

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Kisses Alassandra 😉  Warm hugs and kisses to all my fans and friends and even those of you who just zip by and never say Hi!

My tranny cock!

Tranny cock

Tranny Cock

Tranny cock! So, do you like mine? Hi guys and ladies…..I know I do have some lady fans out there as well 🙂  I tried to do a solo masturbation video this morning.  Mornings are my weakest times.  I’m so horny when I wake up from a good sleep.  My shemale cock is hard as nails immediately after I wake up.

I had positioned the video camera on the side of my bed last night, so I wouldn’t have to do more than turn it on.  Spontaneous moments like this are so hot I wanted make sure I got it right. Sure enough, My tranny cock was poking holes in my sheets.  I flipped them off, turned on the cam, and started stroking away.  I fantasize a great deal when I’m masturbating and you guys are my leading men and ladies.  I’ve found just thinking about you watching me and getting yourselves off is so HOT!  I’d love someday to have you send me pics of how hot I make you. Think you could help this horny shemale out?


Ok guys, Its time for you to make a decision. Time to make a choice.

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Kisses Alassandra 😉

Sexy Bikini Babe

Sexy Bikini Babe

Sex Bikini Babe

Sexy Bikini Babe Alessandra Blonde here! Hi everyone!  I’m so excited.  I just bought a cute new bikini and I just had to take a couple quick pictures to show you.  I LOVE it!

I got it at a great price and knew as soon as I tried it on I was hooked.  You should have seen the people in the store as I tried it on. Of course I walked out of the fitting room with it on but I also had my high heels on. Some guy that was shopping with his wife actually got into an argument with her because he was staring at my ass and legs.  Let me just say that I also believe that I looked very sexy! And, I love to feel sexy and this is one sexy looking bikini for sure.  You can almost see the bulge in my pictures.  I was really aroused and wanted to see how noticeable it would be if I got hard.  I think it did it’s job.

Now I’m off to the pool to work on my tan and bask in the lustful stares of strangers….HeHe

Kisses Alassandra 😉


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Trans girl Orgasms

Trans girl Orgasms

Trans girl Orgasms

Trans girl Orgasms!  Doing a  really hot solo scene this afternoon I just had to write about.  I did a long sensual strip tease for the camera which I imagined was you sitting in your chair watching me.  I could see you naked, and also rubbing your hard cock while I slowly undressed in front of you.  Sliding my bra over my head slowly to expose my firm hard breasts I see you gasp at the site of my hard nipples reaching out to you.  You stroke yourself faster while I slowing shimmy my panties down to my feet.

Furthermore, my shemale cock is at full erection and you gaze at it with complete desire. I’m so turned on now I walk closer to you and start stroking almost within touching distance from you. My body quivers and shakes as my gasps turn to loud moans.  Your head arches back, and your legs stiffen as you are on the cusp of your orgasm.  I step closer to you, moaning loudly as I feel my body about to release.

As if one, we both spiral into orgasm together, crying out as our sperm launches from each others twitching cocks.  Thick warm sperm flies from my cock on to your balls and chest mixing with your thick cum. It was also one of the best Trans girl Orgasms ever!  Dropping to my knees I take your penis into my mouth to clean off the lingering drops of your hot semen.  Mmmmmmm….I love when my mind takes to those places.  Just makes everything so much hotter for you……and hopefully for you too!

Kisses Alassandra 😉


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Big titty trans porn for less!

Big titty trans porn for less! Hey guys it’s me, Nina StrongHold doing a guest post here on Alessandra Blonde’s blog. I really hope that you do not mind. This is about me and my adventure to get some new guys into my members area. So if you are into Big titty trans porn and I dont know a man that is not, then I have a deal for you. How is 5 days for 5$.  Does that sound hot? Well once you add in that its big titty stuff and I am the star of the site. Maybe that makes it hot enough for you.


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Big titty trans porn

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