Shemale Striptease

Shemale Striptease!   Hi again everyone!  I hope you like this video I had made a while ago.  It’s one of my first videos for my website and I really enjoyed doing it.  I feel very sensual when I’m stripping and knowing you are all watching me and feeling a bit naughty.

My shecock gets that fluttery feeling when I strip which means I’m going to end up very hard, and VERY horny very soon.  I also love to tease which is what I did here.  Did it make you hard?  I hope so…..while I love to tease, I love to please even more.  Kisses baby 😉 It is after all a Shemale Striptease!

Shemale Striptease




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Tight Tranny Ass! Confession – I Love Mine

Tight Tranny Ass!    We all love hearing other peoples confession don’t we?  Well, I have a naughty one.  Ready? I LOVE showing off my tight tranny ass.

Tight Tranny Ass

My favorite poses are of my ass.  On all fours, bent over, scissored cock, cock stuffed into my asshole. Doesn’t matter as long as my ass in on film.

Shemale With Great Ass

I think it’s the thought of showing…..or offering my most vulnerable part of my body for inspection and to be used.  For me, this is such a turn on.  I hope you do as well 😉

Great Tranny Ass

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Love That Tranny Ass!


Tranny Ass

Big Tranny Ass

Tranny Ass! Wow everyone, just look at that incredible tranny ass!  That’s a new teen shemale I’ve been hearing about lately.

Her name is Keira Verga and she has website that she started late last year. I just love her and actually joined her site to see more of her.  She has perky little titties that I adore, and her skin is so soft and creamy.  The eyes though….it’s the eyes that did it for me.

Now…..I’m sure none of you are looking at much more than her beautiful shemale ass just waiting for your strong hard cocks to pound her.  She has a simply delicious cock that drives me crazy.  I’m to really try and get some time with her to shoot for my website as a “guest” fuck…hehe.

Kisses Alassandra 😉


Push back tranny cock!

Push back tranny cock!

Push back tranny cock


Push back tranny cock! Dont you just agree this is HOT! Could some of you let me know if you like this pose?  I happen to love shemale ass posed like this personally.  It brings all kinds of naughty idea to my head right away.  If I see it on another tranny I immediately want to part her cute butt cheeks and lick and tongue her tiny little bud.

Then work my way down to her full balls.  Nibbling each one tenderly until I get to her swollen cock which I eagerly gulp down.  Jeeez…Thinking out loud there again I see. I guess I can’t help it.  My horny little mind likes to wander al over the place when it comes to sex. Click now to enjoy more of this photo set. My big ass.

Let me know what you think.  What would you like to do to my ass and cock if I was in front of you like this.

Kisses Alassandra 😉


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Doggiestyle Tranny

Doggiestyle Tranny

Alassandra Tranny Ass

Do you like my cute tranny ass?  I happen to like my tushy.  A workout every day to keep it round and toned. And that is just one of the reasons I am offering my ass hole. Doggiestyle Tranny!   Not easy to do with all the good food and nightlife we have here in lovely Buenos Aries.  Trying to keep my tushy firm and toned because you are looking at my favorite sexual position.

That’s right, good ole doggystyle is what I LOVE.  For me, it’s just a primal position and that excites me like no other position.  Loving the feeling of hands on my waist as his cock is buried deeply inside my tight shemale ass.  I love the feeling of fullness and my inability to control what he is doing. The feeling of his full balls bouncing off my ass and thighs. My shemale tits bouncing and my own shecock swinging back and forth.  I have to be real careful not to start stroking to early.

Being powerless over my orgasm when being fucked like this if I’m stroking. Makes me cum so quickly.  I want to feel every thrust my lover puts into me.  I want to prolong the pleasure until I feel he’s about to unload before I then stroke myself to orgasm…while feeling his warm sperm deep inside me.  GOD….I just made myself insanely horny.  I should write erotica don’t you think…..LOL

Kisses Alassandra 😉


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