Tranny Stripper


Tranny Stripper

Tranny Stripper

Hi everyone!  We were filming some more scenes for my upcoming website. Thats me, the Tranny Stripper! We were having so much fun that in between some of the scenes I decided to do a silly dance for the camera. Boy, that look on my face looks soooooo serious doesn’t it? Thats me, the Tranny Stripper!   I think it’s looks funny which why I posted it here.  I’m also kind of a shemale tease so I thought everyone would enjoy a sneak peak of my boobs and shecock.  Just a hint you know.  Don’t want give up the goods to soon….lol

After I was done playing around here, we got back to business and I ended up doing a super hot oral scene with my super sexy friend Sebastian. He is the star of the site and he flew  here to Argentina where he was born with his friend Ana Mancini from  He is so amazing and his cock is HUGE.  I love it.  Anyway…..lets just say we had some yummy fun in front of the camera.  Can’t wait to show you all soon!

Kisses Alassandra 😉

Horny Shemale

Horny Shemale!

It’s been said that shemales are always horny because we never say no to sex. But I never thought of myself as a horny shemale, until last night! I hadn’t had sex in 2 days and I realized that is way too long for a shemale. I’m sure I’m not alone, but for some reason I was beside myself horny.

You guys know how that is when your “normal” thinking gets all messed up because all you want to do is have an orgasm?  Well, I suppose I could have went for the “quickie”! However, instead I grabbed some of my videos I made for my upcoming website and popped them into my really sweet big screen TV.  I layed back and watched myself stripping on cam.  I find watching myself being sexual makes me feel so wonderfully naughty.  My shecock was so hard! I just had to add some warm oil I had made up and slowly stroked while pinching and tugging at my sensitive nipples just like I was in the video.

Horny Shemale

I know it sounds funny to some. But I love looking myself in the video and knowing how good that moment felt.  That translates to the moment I’m in and intensifies the pleasure.  I knew just when my orgasm was going to happen on screen and waited to just that moment to have my orgasm in real life.  WOW!  It was such a relief to finally feel that rush of warm sperm leaving my cock in heavy bursts, while I gasped and cried out in pleasure.

Have I peaked your interest for my website yet?  I hope I have 😉

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Blonde Heels and a hard cock!

Blonde Heels and a hard cock! Honestly when you look for photos or videos of a TransGender woman what are you looking for. Below is a sample photo of Alessandra Blonde! Titled Blonde Heels just a single glance can explain it. Alessandra is obviously a blonde and wearing heels. Take a close look at the photo and you can see not only does she have an erection but the photo is also a screen grab from a video.
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Blonde Heels

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Trans Gender ass shot with Alessandra Blonde!

Trans Gender ass shot with Alessandra Blonde! Hey guys, yes its me Alessandra Blonde sending out today’s post on my blog. I titled this Trans Gender ass because I don’t really know what word you guys want to use. I also don’t want to offend anyone with my choice! Wink wink!! It seems like yesterday calling me a tranny or a shemale was ok. Now if you don’t use the word Trans Gender people get upset. Well I for one don’t really mind any of them but over all would prefer you call me by my name.

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Trans Gender ass

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Alessandra Blonde tranny sideboob!

Alessandra Blonde tranny sideboob! Oh and so much more in the photos and videos of Alesandra blonde tranny! Yes she does have amazing side boob shots and you will love them. But she also has a lot of shots with her ass in the air! And furthermore she has a lot of shots with her hard cock in the air.

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Alessandra Blonde tranny

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