My sexy short black dress!

I know that most men like to see a sexy black dress on a nice tight body, so I went out and got myself a not dress to show you in my members area.

This dress is short, and tight across my boobs and tight across my cock and ass as well. If you want to test it our yourself then please come on over and feel how tight it is.

sexy short black dress

If you don’t like this dress much, then feel free to send me one of your liking and I will wear it for you or in a shoot.

Cum On My Tits

Tranny Big Tits

He again everyone!  I’ve been a busy little tranny and have been neglecting my blog a little to much.  I’m in a real hurry, but I felt bad I haven’t posted anything in a while.  I found a really hot picture of my super stud Sebastion and his monster 10 inch cock ready to shoot his oh, so gooey and yummy cum on my firm T-girl tits.  I honestly do love cum, and on my tits is my second most favorite place to have it shot on.  The first you ask?  Well silly, down my throat of course!!!

Kisses Alassandra 🙂

Shemale Gloryhole Anyone?

Hi guys.  Most of the time I’m really just an innocent girl…..who just happens to be a shemale and loves porn….lol. Seriously though, I’ve always been really innocent and somewhat introverted all my life.  Being in front of the camera though, has really brought out a side of me I didn’t know I had.  A really fun and naughty side.

I was toying around……no pun intended……with something simple, yet really naughty for my next shoot.  I also watch porn from time to time for pleasure, and I have found watching gloryhole videos really turns me on!  So….I was thinking about doing one with myself on my knees sucking off strangers cocks.  Maybe find three or four that I have never seen and watch their huge erections slide through the hole for me to gulp down. I’m not into wasting and all the delicious sperm would be saftly tucked away in my mouth.  Doesn’t that sound so delightfully naughty?  I get so excited whenever I think about it.  Now, lets see if I can set something like that up 🙂

Kisses Alassandra 😉

Love That Tranny Ass!

Big Tranny Ass

Wow everyone, just look at that incredible tranny ass!  That’s a new teen shemale I’ve been hearing about lately.  Her name is Keira Verga and she has website that she started late last year. I just love her and actually joined her site to see more of her.  She has perky little titties that I adore, and her skin is so soft and creamy.  The eyes though….it’s the eyes that did it for me.  Now…..I’m sure none of you are looking at much more than her beautiful shemale ass just waiting for your strong hard cocks to pound her.  She has a simply delicious cock that drives me crazy.  I’m to really try and get some time with her to shoot for my website as a “guest” fuck…hehe.

Kisses Alassandra 😉


Shemale Sausage

Big Shemale Cock

Hi again guys and ladies.  I thought I would post one of those “captured in time” pictures.  I found this one while going through some of my shemale solo videos for editing.  I take screen caps when I can of the action as it’s happening. I like them not always to appear stages. Well…….I came across this one and I really became excited by it.  This is a mini second before I had a really awesome orgasm during a scene were I was masturbating in my bedroom.  Oh, I remember how so good that felt.  I know you really want to see what happened next, but I like to be a tease.  My video Will be up on my little ole tranny website very soon so stayed in touch ok?

Kisses Alassandra 😉