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My First Rant

So far I have kept all my post sexy and positive.  I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted this blog to go. Did I want it solely to support my website and have pics and sexy stories, or did I want it to be a personal blog where I shared every day stuff with members and those passing by?  I honestly thought nobody would want to know anything about my life other than when I was having sex and talking about it.  Heck…..that’s probably what I would want.  I have been surprised though at people mentioning to me they would like me to write more about my life so they could get to know me better.  Interaction with members seems to be really important.  Remember, I’m new to this whole website thingy, so I have a learning curve 🙂 Yes, I have some wonderful people helping me behind the scenes, but at the end of they day I’m the one who has her face on the index page and it’s up to me to keep my members happy.

I went on a tangent there a little, but what I guess I’m saying is from now on I’m going to sprinkle more of my day to day life into my blog to give people an isight to who this shemale is other than what is on the website.

Kisses Alassandra 😉

My Amazing Orgasm

Alassandra Blonde Masturbating

I did a really hot solo scene this afternoon I just had to write about.  I did a long sensual strip tease for the camera which I imagined was you sitting in your chair watching me.  I could see you naked, rubbing your hard cock while I slowly undressed in front of you.  Sliding my bra over my head slowly to expose my firm hard breasts I see you gasp at the site of my hard nipples reaching out to you.  You stroke yourself faster while I slowing shimmy my panties down to my feet.  My shemale cock is at full erection and you gaze at it with complete desire. I’m so turned on now I walk closer to you and start stroking almost within touching distance from you. My body quivers and shakes as my gasps turn to loud moans.  Your head arches back, and your legs stiffen as you are on the cusp of your orgasm.  I step closer to you, moaning loudly as I feel my body about to release. As if one, we both spiral into orgasm together, crying out as our sperm launches from each others twitching cocks.  Thick warm sperm flies from my cock on to your balls and chest mixing with your thick cum.  Dropping to my knees I take your penis into my mouth to clean off the lingering drops of your hot semen.  Mmmmmmm….I love when my mind takes to those places.  Just makes everything so much hotter for you……and hopefully for you too!

Kisses Alassandra 😉

My Fantasy Girl

Big TIts Blonde Shemale

I need to make a confession.  For some time now I’ve had this secret mad crash on Ana Mancini.  She is also from Argentina and came down with Sebastian a few months ago when we did some filming.  I was in complete lust from the moment I saw her.  Without a doubt she is the most beautiful shemale I have ever seen.  She is so sweet, and has a real funny sense of humor.  My stomach hurt for a couple days as I recovered from laughing so hard.  She has her own super hot sight that I just had to become a member of –  I love going to her site and fantasizing about what we could do together.  I masturbate daily looking at her amazing body, wishing I was there sucking her gorgeous shecock and caressing her huge shemale tits.  They are so amazingly big and sexy.  My goal is to one day do a sex scene with her for my website.  Just thinking about the opportunity is making me so hard.  I gotta go and give myself some alone time 🙂

Kisses Alassandra 😉

Cuddling And Kissing

I spent some more time digging around various shemale forums looking for more ideas for my site and what those who love tranny porn like to see.  I was surprised at a lot of the people who responded mentioned kissing and cuddling during the sex scenes.  I thought that was more what women wanted and men just want the action hard and heavy.  Being a woman myself, I love to see the people involved in a sex scene really look like they are into it.  Similar to a couple that is in love and know each other and have chemistry.  I know this can be real hard if you are working with somebody you have never met before, or don’t like etc.  This is where acting comes in and I agree with many of the people leaving posts that many porn sites fall way short on this.  Much of it seems robotic and forced.  I’m trying very hard to make sure my sex scenes look like we all enjoy each other.  Sebastian from is the one guy I have worked with and we have a blast together and I think our chemistry is really good.  Plus he’s so darn hot and his cock is absolutely delicious. That’s certainly a good way to start 🙂

Kisses Alassandra 😉

Thick Cock Tranny

Big Cock Shemale Alassandra Blonde


I know I don’t have the biggest cock that you will find on a shemale, but I do think I have some pretty good thickness. What do you think?  I came across this pic while going over a bunch for my website.  This pose looks so seductive. While I tend to be more in the middle, I do enjoy being in submissive postions where you can have your way with me. On my knees or bending down really makes me feel naughty and slutty which I love. The more videos and pictures I do the more I like them.  I’m finding out more and more about my sexuality that I didn’t know before.  Mainly…..I’m getting pretty freaky….whooo hoo!

Kisses Alassandra 😉

Cum Eating Shemale

I was reading some shemale forums this morning. Now that I have a website, I need to keep up with what’s going on and what members want to see.  I came across some really neat threads on what people wanted to see in tranny porn.  Cum eating kept coming up over and over.  I happen to LOVE eating cum.  I don’t like to waste a drop letting it hit my chain or something like that…lol.  I’ve always liked cum.  I even like my own from time to time. The warm salty taste is so erotic for me.  Maybe it’s the feeling my lover has given me something special, or maybe it’s the naughty idea of his cock shooting into my mouth, feeling the cock head get larger and pulse during his orgasm.  The whole process makes me so hard it almost hurts.

I’m fortunate enough to be very limber and when I’m really in the mood I’ll flip my legs over my head and cum in my mouth.  Sometimes my aim is a bit off, especially if my orgasm is very intense.  Sperm will fly all over my face and shemale tits, but at that point I don’t care. I get enough in my mouth to swallow and that’s really what I wanted anyway.

Kisses Alassandra 😉

I Have An Idea

Yep….that’s right.  I had an idea….LOL  I’ve not seen anything like this come up before and I was thinking it would make a great reality style porn site.

My thought was taking a husband and wife and adding a shemale to the mix who lives with them.  My scenario would actually have the man and woman married, while the shemale they pick and move her in to live with them.  Nothing would really be scripted and camera’s would be placed in different rooms of the house.  Each person would also be given a camera to use to record whatever they wanted.  Of course the premise is porn so there would need to be a lot of sex involved along with the every day stuff.  The shemale must be willing to be with both the husband and wife and they in turn must be willing to be with the shemale.

I think this would be hot once the three became comfortable with each other a chemistry was built up.  The sex would take on a more emotional turn and each person became more emotionally involved with the other.  I’m not sure if I would want to be that “tranny in the middle” so to speak, but I really like the idea.  I think a good name might be something like “The Tranny Fucking Couple”, or something like that.  What do you think?

Kisses Alassandra 😉

Bored Shemale Posting

It’s late and I’m kind of antsy and bored, so I thought I’d write something in my cool new blog……Soooooo….How is everybody doing today?  I hope good.  I’m doing great and horny as always.  Considering what I do for a living I really should be right?  LOL.  I’ve never had a problem being horny ever in my life thank god.  Even when I’m sick or….gasp….hungover…lol…..I’m still horny.  I’ve always wondered how that can happen to me while many other shemales I know seem to have issues.  Maybe it’s the hormones and how they react with each tranny and her moods and desires.  I’m not a doctor, so I really have no idea.  I don’t take a lot of hormones.  I’m fortunate in that my body responds well to low doses which still give me a true feminine that I want while keep my tranny cock ready for action along with the desire to use it.

I never want to be one that “goes through the motions”, especially on my website.  I want everyone to see how much I enjoy myself while I’m having sex.  I also want those with me to enjoy it as well. Whether it’s men, women, or other shemale’s.  The goal is exciting erotic fun that my awesome fans will like and…..well….get off too.  That’s why they get a membership…to watch me cum, so they can cum.  Pretty simple don’t you think. I’m just really lucky to be able to do this and my body allows me too.

Kisses Alassandra 😉

My Crazy Shemale Life

Tranny Alassandra Blonde Outdoors

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a good time over the holidays and are getting ready for the new year.  I know I am.  I can’t believe what I did the other day. I just have to share it with you, because it was so hot I just can’t keep it to myself.

Sebastian from and I were out the other day taking still shots and video for my new website I’ve been telling you about.  We wanted to do some softcore outside pictures with my new bikini. I just love this bikini and think it really makes me looks sexy.  We walked around shooting in various places in Buenos Aires, which is where I live, for a few hours in the afternoon.  I think I mentioned how hot Sebastian is and with my sex-o-meter in overdrive the last month, I was incredibly horny while he was filming me.

Well, we ended up in a tunnel entrance shooting my last few pics.  The one I posted here is from that set.  He suddenly puts the camera down which was a mistake because we missed everything after.  He walked right up to me with a wild look in his eyes.  I was stil on my knees from the pics we took and in a second he had his pants down while grabbing the back of my head.  His cock was  immediately parting my eager lips and down my shemale throat it went. His cock is HUGE and I ended up gagging which is something that excites me.  He just kept thrusting faster and faster until suddenly I felt his bursts of cum hit the side of my cheeks.  He pulled out and finished shooting all over my face.  GOD…was that hot!  Everything happened so fast that I didn’t have time to think until it was over.  I’m so upset we didn’t get that on film, but I promise that is something will do again.  This time the camera will be rolling 🙂

Kisses Alassandra 😉



Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to take some time and wish everyone happy holidays. This past year has really gone by very quickly and I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family and great group of friends.  My new website is going to be so much fun to do and I’m looking forward to sharing all my sexy excapades with you. How lucky can a shemale get than to make a living having sex.  I love the thought of others getting pleasure watching me.  Not all of it is easy, but in the end the results are always worth it.

I hope everyone of my soon to be fans has a great holiday season and get all the kinky “gifts” their little hearts desire!

Kisses Alassandra 😉