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His Big Cock Cums On My Tranny Tits

Oh, how I miss Sabastian and his large cock!  We had a great time while he was visiting me…….and fucking me, and fucking me, and fucking me….hehehe.  We filmed this one with the help of another shemale friend who also played around during the weekend.  He cums a nice load on my tits.  Gosh, this made me horny.

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Latin Shemale In Lingerie

I have such a sexy collection of lingerie.  I can’t go shopping without picking at least one hot little outfit up.  I found this sexy red outfit and seeing as the cameraman was staying the night…..wink wink……I had him film me modeling it.  What do you think?

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Feeling Horny In My Hotel Room

I was doing some traveling in Argentina a while back and had some down time between shopping trips.  I was REALLY horny, so I thought I’d model my new lingerie and have some fun on top of it.

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Walking The Street In My Sexy Dress

I went shopping the other day and found a sexy little dress that I couldn’t wait to try on.  I found some heels I liked and put on my dress and went for a nice long walk.  I loved the stars and whistles I received from many of the guys walking by.  I just love the attention and it gets me really horny.  The day was perfect and the sun was warm and bright which made all the pictures come out really nice.  My sexy photographer was so nice to stay with me that long.  I think we were out for two hours and got tons of photos for my site.  I hope you like them.

Kisses Alessandra 😉

Sexy Brunette Shemale Outside

Strutting my stuff at the bus stop

Alessandra Blonde At The Bus Stop

I was hoping to stop traffic.

Shemale Alessandra Blonde In Sexy Dress

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Brunette Shemale Stripping And Stroking – Again

Do you like that title?  Yes, this is another shemale stroking video, but I somehow don’t think you mind……….do you?  I had a hot new white bra and panties that I really like with my new tan.  Oh, I have some sexy high heels to go with it as well.  I thought doing a hot striptease at the door would be a good place to start.  Well, looking back at it, I might have found a better place, but once I got into it, where I was masturbating didn’t matter so much….lol.  I enjoy squating down and spreading while I’m stroking and with my heels on I thought it looked pretty good.  I’m sounding kind of technical today aren’t I.  My hormones are raging, so my head is all over the place.  I’ll end it here and let you enjoy my video.

Kisses Alessandra 😉

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Stroking My Tranny Cock On The Sofa

I had an amazing sex dream last night and I woke up so horny I couldn’t stand it.  Problem was I had to get up for an appointment, so I couldn’t stay in bed and masturbate.  The morning dragged by and my cock was ready to burst.  Finally, I was able get home by myself and play.  I start on my sofa and start stripping.  Yes, I had the camera rolling for all to see which ramped up my passion.  Pulling my hard shecock out from my panties, I stared to stroke until my balls were ready to burst.

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Shemale In Lingerie As I Strip Out Of My Black Panties

How do you like my sexy black lingerie that I picked up a while ago?  I loved the way it looks on me. What do you think?  The rest of the video is of me stripping and doing all kinds of sexy things to get you going.  I told you before I love having my ass exposed and I do it again here when I’m on my hands and knees spreading my asscheeks.  Do you want to fuck my tight tranny ass baby?  I know you do and I want you to as well.  I end up stroking my cock at the end because I was so horny.  This was a fun video.  I hope you like it

Kisses Alessandra 😉

Cum Inside And Watch Me Jerk My Yummy Cock

Toying My Shemale Ass With My New Toy And Fingers

I simply love anything to do with stuffing something in my ass.  I have a new toy I bought a few days ago and wanted to try out.  I called up my favorite and sexy video guy to film the special event.  He came over as quickly as he could and soon I was naked on my bed and the fun began.  Took a little bit to get that dildo inside, but once it was……WOW! I find a little pain with my sex really adds to my excitement. Sliding it in and out did hurt some, but the pleasure I got in response made it all the better.  I actually wanted it to hurt more.  I fingered my little hole as well to change up the feelings.  I love experimenting like this, and having you share in my intimate moments is sexually exciting and rewarding.

Kisses Alessandra 😉

My Ass And Shecock Are Always Ready To Go – I’m Ready Whenever You Are Baby

Shemale Striptease From My Black Bikini

Hi again everyone!  I hope you like this video I had made a while ago.  It’s one of my first videos for my website and I really enjoyed doing it.  I feel very sensual when I’m stripping and knowing you are all watching me and feeling a bit naughty.  My shecock gets that fluttery feeling when I strip which means I’m going to end up very hard, and VERY horny very soon.  I also love to tease which is what I did here.  Did it make you hard?  I hope so…..while I love to tease, I love to please even more.  Kisses baby 😉

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Free Shemale Tube Cum Watch Me!

Hi Guys! I have a treat for you today.  I found a sexy new free shemale tube with tons of hot videos. A friend told me about it last night, so this morning I had some free time to check it out.  WOW!…… all I can say.  So many hot videos to watch and none of the crappy popups and redirects to stupid stuff.  I LOVE IT!!  I was so horny after about half an hour that the rest of the time I rubbed my cock raw watching one hot video after another.

I know many of you are wonder if I uploaded any of my hot videos.  Well as a matter of fact I did 🙂  Check out the one below where my sexy Friend Sabastian sneaks up behind me then jerks himself off on my tits.  That was the first I uploaded, but I’ll have plenty more in the following days going up as well, so make sure you go there and look for them ok?

Kisses Alessandra 😉

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