Fantasy trans girl.

Fantasy trans girl

Fantasy Trans Girl

Fantasy trans girl!  This super hot pornstar is mine! I need to make a confession.  For some time now I’ve had this secret mad crush on Ana Mancini.  She is also from Argentina and came down with Sebastian a few months ago when we did some filming.

I was in complete lust from the moment I saw her.  Without a doubt she is the most beautiful shemale I have ever seen.  She is so sweet, and has a real funny sense of humor.  And now you know just a couple of the reasons she is my Fantasy trans girl!  My stomach hurt for a couple days as I recovered from laughing so hard.  She has her own super hot sight that I just had to become a member of – HungShemales.  I love going to her site and fantasizing about what we could do together.  I masturbate daily looking at her amazing body, wishing I was there sucking her gorgeous shecock and caressing her huge shemale tits.  They are so amazingly big and sexy.  My goal is to one day do a sex scene with her for my website.  Just thinking about the opportunity is making me so hard.  I gotta go and give myself some alone time 🙂

Kisses Alassandra 😉


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Afrika Kampos My GirlFriend for free

Afrika Kampos! Well not all of her for free but you can see a lot of her photos and video samples on and they are free. She is a super sexy blonde with nice tits and a hard cock. And can you imagine that she loves to take it in the ass.

Afrika Kampos

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Cum On tranny tits

Cum On tranny tits

Cum On tranny tits

Cum On tranny tits! He again everyone!  I’ve been a busy little tranny and have been neglecting my blog a little to much.  I’m in a real hurry, but I felt bad I haven’t posted anything in a while.  I found a really hot picture of my super stud Sebastion and his monster 10 inch cock ready to shoot his oh, so gooey and yummy cum on my firm T-girl tits.

I honestly do love cum, and on my tits is my second most favorite place to have it shot on.  The first you ask?  Well silly, down my throat of course!!! So are you ready to catch some of this action? I think and hope you are. I also hope that you cock gets hard watching the video. As you can see, I got hard waiting on this man cream to caress my firm tits and hard nipples.

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Kisses Alassandra 🙂

Thick Cock Tranny

Thick Cock Tranny.

Thick Cock Tranny


Thick Cock Tranny. I know I don’t have the biggest cock that you will find on a shemale, but I do think I have some pretty good thickness. What do you think?  I came across this pic while going over a bunch for my website.  This pose looks so seductive.

While I tend to be more in the middle, I do enjoy being in submissive positions where you can have your way with me. On my knees or bending down really makes me feel naughty and slutty which I love. The more videos and pictures I do the more I like them.  I’m finding out more and more about my sexuality that I didn’t know before.  Mainly…..I’m getting pretty freaky….whooo hoo!

Kisses Alassandra 😉

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Wet tranny body.


Wet tranny body

Tranny in Shower


Wet tranny body! Other than having mind blowing sex, taking a shower is my next most anticipated thing I do each day. So tell me. How does my Wet tranny body look through the glass? My shower is set up to gently rain down on my body.  Feels like hundreds of warm fingers massaging my skin. This is a feeling that I absolutely adore.  I like that the whole shower is glass so I can see out and others can see in.

I don’t like the feeling of being caged in like some showers can make you feel.  If you were to assume that this would also make me horny you would be right of course.  Heck…..warm breezes make me horny, so yes, these warm showers have my perky shemale cock hard very quickly.

Some days I’ll masturbate and have a deliciously relaxing orgasm.  My cum goes right down the drain so there is no mess to worry about.  Other days I’ll just stroke myself and rub my tits, but not cum.  Kind of like a sexual jump start to my day, but trust me, there is always release later.  When and where is always to be determined. 🙂

Kisses Alassandra 😉